Tickets for the WORLD YOUTH DAY-Package Guide

Organizers of World Youth Days in Krakow offer participants a series of paid "packages". Packages vary in price:  100.00 zl, 400.00 zl or 700.00 zl. The packages proposed by the organizers of the WYD are divided into three groups.

The first Package (A) is designed for people who want to spend a whole week in Krakow.

However, this package is further divided into several variants contained within this single option. You can choose the full package, which is accommodation, meals, transport, insurance and pilgrim backpack. The price range will be between 690.00zl -750.00zl, depending on how many days you want to be in Krakow. If you do not want the full package, you can select the option without accommodation and you will pay only 590.00zl. Without meals you will pay 490.00zl or 520.00zl, again, depending on how many days you will be in Krakow. If you choose only transport with the insurance and backpack, the cost will be 190.00zl.

Packages (B) only applies to the weekend at the WYD, which covers the major events (Vigil and Holy Mass with the Pope), for which we will accordingly pay less. With accommodation the price is 310.00zl or 390.00zl, depending on whether we want to stay an extra night or, without accommodation 250.00zł

Type C package is the only pilgrim backpack, transport and insurance (cost: 150.00zl). Volunteers will pay for less to stay:  from 50.00zl to 300.00zl.

But what assurances do these packages afford? Where I would sleep if I choose a package with accommodation or how would I get around in the city.

It is understood transportation will be provided free in Krakow by public transit within the city and commuter (suburban?) train from the places of accommodation to the center of the events, during the period of validity of the package. This means that if someone signed up (or registered?) for the weekend, and arrived in Krakow earlier, you will have to pay for transportation out of pocket.

As previously stated, accommodations can be different, because you may stay with local families, at school, or in a tent at the campsite.  And, since there may not always be bedding, it would be wise to have your bedding in advance. It's important to take a mat and sleeping bag with you, because from Saturday to Sunday night you will be sleeping under the open sky during the vigil on Campus Misericordiae.

For accommodation (like in a hotel type bed & breakfast) there will be assigned breakfast locations near the accommodation, issued on the breakfast voucher.

Participants who choose the package with the board (meal), will receive vouchers for meals for one day: one two-course meal, and one for lunch and dinner.  The visitors will be provided with a voucher for a "sack lunch", which will be given on the road leading to the vigil place. That is, the field "Campus Misericordiae".

Insurance included in all packages (which is obligatory) covers the cost of hospital treatment in the event of an accident or hospitalization (up to 3,000.00 Euro) and civil liability during your stay in Krakow, the length of which will be specified in the "package".

What does the backpack contain: Certainly not t-shirts with symbols of countries (often size of t-shirts did not match), besides the pilgrims usually come dressed in their national costumes). There is special headgear – something between a hat and scarves, prayer cards with the Divine Mercy chaplet and three publications: a) booklet with texts of Divine Mercy, b) the Pilgrim prayer book and, c) the Pilgrim's Guide. The same backpack will be issued to all attendees.

Some pocket money –  Even though the party itself is non-commercial and there are no hidden costs, the organizers advise that it would be worthwhile to bring along a little extra pocket money. After purchasing a package, you will not need to pay for anything, that is included in the program. The only time you will need extra cash will be at the special WYD shops, selling special souvenirs. Also sometimes it happens that the pilgrim, after using the gift certificate in the restaurant, wants to buy something more, and then they will have to pay for it out of their own pocket

Packages (When you have purchased it over the internet), you will receive your package in specially designated areas. The packages which includes accommodation, will be waiting for us in the parish, in which we will live.  Packages without accommodation will be available for pick-up at one of the eight organizer's sites that we will be able to choose at registration.

But to take part in the mass, Do I have to pull out of my pocket even a few hundred zloty?

No. Registration for WYD is voluntary, but also profitable. Those who choose to support the Fund Organization (and expenses-despite numerous sponsors-is still pretty high) will be treated more honorably. He / She will have the opportunity to sit in the sectors closer to the altar (while the unregistered participants occupy last places) and will take part in the numerous accompanying events, Youth Festival, fairs and, without problem, can go to the Zone of Reconciliation (which is where you can receive Sacrament of Reconciliation). These items are not available for those who will attend as non- registered participants.

More details about the packages and answers to frequently asked questions can be found at in sign language), and if you have any doubt, just contact the newly founded WORLD YOUTH DAY-call center at: + 48 12 446 73 33

For consultation when writing text thank you Dorota Abdelmoula, a spokeswomen press release of the World Youth Days in Kraków.

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