Changes in Cracow traffic during World Youth Day [INFORMATION]

During World Youth Day in Kraków you might meet some difficulties while travelling through the city. Here’s how to navigate the confusion!

For drivers:

During WYD the city will be divided into several zones, in which there will be enforced restrictions on traffic. These zones can be divided into two groups.

Closed zones: “Błonia” and “Łagiewniki”

The streets in these zones are primarily for pedestrians and only a few vehicles will be allowed through. The pedestrians should watch out, because this area is also designated for bicycle traffic!

Three limited traffic zones

These are also areas in which not every vehicle is allowed through -- however, the restrictions here are a bit looser. While planning your journey, be sure to check whether you will be travelling in only one zone, or if you will be crossing a boundary. If so, check whether your vehicle will be allowed into the next zone. For example, if you are going from Ruczaj to Bronowice, you will be staying within one zone, unless you choose to drive through the city center. Likewise going from Central Square (Plac Centralny) to Kliny you will be crossing a zone boundary, in which case passes will be necessary.

Passes will be distributed by the ZIKiT (Kraków Transportation Infrastructure), or you can download them on ZIKiT’s web page. Kraków residents should carry with them a document showing in which zone they are registered, or another document confirming residency in the zone, for example a valid rental contract.

However, those going to work will need to show a certificate stamped by their employers, clearly displayed on the dashboard behind the windshield of their vehicles. There will also be passes issued by ZIKiT (with the permission of the road manager) which will not be available for download (you must submit a request to ZIKiT).

When planning your trip, especially if it will go through near closed zones, limited traffic zone #1, or on streets where there is a lot of expected foot traffic, count on the possibility of unexpected changes. These decisions may be made by police officers securing the areas of the city and can not be predicted in advance.

Main routes and expected difficulties in different areas

From Central Square (Plac Centralny) to the city center (centrum)
Keep in mind that the very center is a limited traffic zone, which prevents access to Old Town (Stare Miasto)

Besides that, from July 29th-31st the majority of routes will go through the area covered by limited traffic zone #3. Going to the city center (centrum) by Jana Pawła II way or Pokoju way, there will be a few places for bus parking and increased pedestrian traffic. In addition, on July 31st there will be afternoon street closures in the area of Pokoju way and Lema street.

From Ruczaj to the city center (centrum)

Keep in mind the limited traffic zone in the city center (probably in the case of the remaining routes too). From July 26th Ruczaj will be found in Limited Traffic Zone #2. Besides this, on the route between Grota Rowieckiego street and Monte Casino there will be difficulties connected with large groups of pedestrians and designated sections of streets for bus parking. Access may be especially difficult from July 28th-31st, when there will be temporary closures on streets instersecting the way to the city center (for example Konopnickiej street).

From Bronowice to the city center (centrum)

From July 26th Bronowice, like Ruczaj, will be included in Zone #2. When going to the city center, expect a large amount of pedestrian traffic (as well as changes in traffic organization) in the area of Błonia Park and near Armii Krajowej street, Opolskiej street, and Królewskiej street. The biggest difficulties will be changes in the area of Aleje Trzech Wieszczów (ATW).

From Górki Narodowej to the city center (centrum)

On this route, besides restrictions resulting from the operation of the Limited Traffic Zone, you should note difficulties connected with the function of 29 Listopada way as an entrance route from Warsaw and the restrictions on its capacity as a result of changes in traffic organization in the area of Aleje Trzech Wieszczów (ATW) and Konopnickiej street.

From Bieżanów to the city center (centrum)

On this route there will be particularly noticeable difficulties on July 30th-31st when there will be changes in traffic organization on Bieżanowskiej street and the beginning of Residence Zones located there. Additionally, on these same days going through Wielicka street will be hard. Access will be more difficult during the events related to the celebrations in Brzegi (July 30th-31st) than during the events located in Błonie (July 26th-29th).

From Kurdwanów to the city center (centrum)

Similar to the route from Bieżanów, please pay particular attention to the traffic organization changes connected with the events in Brzegi and the traffic organization changes on Wielickiej street. Besides this, in this neighborhood there will be bus parking and increased pedestrian traffic is expected.

From Borek Fałęcki to the city center (centrum)

This route runs next to the Pedestrian Zone (Łagiewniki); it is also a section of the city in which there will be large amounts of pedestrians during the entire WYD celebrations. Difficulties will peak on July 30th.

Bielany – centrum

This is one of the routes with the biggest expected difficulties, in connection with many road closures of streets going in the direction of Balice, as well as the fact that it directly borders Błonie, where there will be many pedestrians.

A string of streets going toward Balice will be closed for several hours on July 27th, 28th, 29th, and 31st; there will also be traffic changes in the area of Salwator (one-way streets and residence zones). During WYD a currently in-progress bypass of Bielany will be in use.

Information for passengers on public transport:

During World Youth Day, publc transport, bicycles, and walking will be the basic method of transport around Kraków. With this goal we propose a few changes, which can make your journey easier. One of them is the addition of extra bus lanes, which make travel between zones easier. Bus lanes will run on Opolskiej street, Nowohuckiej street, and Konopnickiej street, among others.

Another convenience will be special train lines, and also an increased number of routes. During WYD 250 tams and 580 buses will run in total. You should remember, that information about public transport changes will be updated in real-time on We also invite you to use the transportation search engine

You should also keep this general info in mind. On Wednesday July 27th, there will be no tram service on Salwator street and through Franciszkańska street. On July 27th-31st public transport will also be suspended on certain streets, including Konopnickiej, Księcia Józefa, Focha, Piastowska, Wielicka, Powstańców Wielkopolski, Powstańców Śląskich, Ofiar Dąbia, and Pokoju way. Movement on Aleje Trzech Wieszczów will remain open as long as possible.

Detailed changes in public transport:

During the whole time transport to Cichy Kącik will be suspended (resumed August 3rd). In the remaining areas from Tuesday, July 26th: after morning peak traffic (5-9 am) special bus and tram lines will begin to run at greater frequency (every 3-5 minutes).

“Even though we have created special transport lines, it was important to us that passengers going to work could use their permanent, usual connections. That’s why the old schedule will be in effect until 9 am, and then switch to the special lines in order to best serve those attending WYD,” says director Marcin Korusiewiecz.

Connecting Lines

From July 26th-29th:

  1. Kopiec Wandy – Jana Pawła II way – roundabout Czyżyńskie – Pokoju way – Grzegórzecka – Centrum Kongresowe – Kapelanka – Łagiewniki;
  2. Os. Piastów – Mikołajczyka – Bieńczycka – Mogilska – Grzegórzecka – Starowiślna – Korona – Wadowicka – Borek Fałęcki;

Kurdwanów – Nowosądecka – Wielicka – pier– Kuklińskiego – Powstania Warszawskiego way – tunnel – Krowodrza Górka

Connecting Bus Lines:

  1. Nowy Bieżanów Południe – Teligi – Wielicka – Kamieńskiego - Konopnickiej – Centrum Kongresowe;
  2. Kombinat – R. Reagan Central Square (pl. Centralny im. R. Reagana) – Bora-Komorowskiego – Lublańska – 29 Listopada way – Nowy Kleparz – Plac Inwalidów;
  3. ChełmońskiegoOsiedle–ArmiiKrajowej–MiasteczkoStudenckieAGH;
  4. R. Reagan Central Square (plac Centralny im. R. Reagana) – Andersa – Bora-Komorowskiego – Opolska – Armii Krajowej – Bronowice Małe

From July 30th-31st:

  1. Krowodrza Górka – tunnel – Powstania Warszawskiego way – Kuklińskiego – Lipska - Mały Płaszów;
  2. Bronowice Małe – Królewska – Karmelicka – Dunajewskiego – Basztowa - Lubicz – Powstania Warszawskiego way – Kuklińskiego – Lipska – Mały Płaszów;
  3. Czerwone Maki – Grota-Roweckiego – Brożka – Kalwaryjska – Limanowskiego – Wielicka – Teligi – Nowy Bieżanów;
  4. Borek Fałęcki – Zakopiańska – Kalwaryjska – Limanowskiego – Wielicka – Teligi – Nowy Bieżanów.

Connecting Bus Lines:

1. Kombinat-R.ReaganCentralSquare(placCentralnyim.R.Reagana)–Pokojuway–Nowohucka– Wielicka – Teligi – Nowy Bieżanów Południe.